8 Core Values of Judo that Keep Your Kid Safe and Strong

How judo can help your kid build a strong mindset during these uncertain times.

We are facing tough times as the world continues to be tested by the novel coronavirus.

During this period of uncertainty, we need to realize now more than ever what is really important in life: staying safe, healthy, and strong.

How can our kids stay strong? By following the sage advice of wise judokas, “if we stick to the 8 core values of judo, it gives us strength to overcome adversity.”

Let’s discuss each one briefly.

1. Courage

Be brave no matter what situation you’re in.

We are facing tough times, but we need to stay strong and positive. We need to believe in a good outcome. We will defeat this virus — no matter how dangerous or widespread it is — because we are united.

2. Courtesy

Courtesy is the first value taught at our judo classes.

We teach kids to be kind to one another. To protect each other. To put the needs of their peers before their own. To give generously and without expecting anything in return.

Remember, courtesy is free. So why not share it?

3. Respect

Respect is the appreciation of others and yourself.

Judo teaches kids to respect their elders and their peers. Respect the advice of their country’s leaders, and trust that everyone is doing their best in an unprecedented situation.

Lastly, respect each other with the judo custom of bowing from a safe distance.

4. Sincerity

Judo teaches you to always be honest with yourself and others.

If you feel sick and have any symptoms of the coronavirus, speak up. Keeping it a secret would be insincere to everyone and a disservice to your country.

Remember, honesty in these uncertain times is crucial for everyone’s safety.

5. Self Control

Self control is the key to perseverance.

We know falling out of a routine and adapting to a new one is difficult, but there’s nothing you can’t live with or without if you have self control.

The more self-control you have, the fewer mistakes you will make and the safer you will be. That’s why at The Dojo, we take every precaution we can.

We avoid handshakes, hugs, and any other form of physical contact. We keep our distance from the person standing nearest to us, and we follow strict hygiene rules.

By taking every precaution we can, we teach children that only with self control can we persevere.

6. Modesty

Modesty means to defeat your own worst enemy, your ego.

Being modest is the opposite of being arrogant. That’s why judo teaches us to accept our wins gracefully without boasting or showing off.

During these uncertain times, we need to be modest. We need to think about all the people around us who are contributing to a better, healthier, and safer world.

We should take a moment to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

7. Honor

Never abandon your principles in the face of difficulty.

Even in adversity, we must stick to our values because when all of this is finished, we will rise again and continue our lives with strong, healthy, and merry spirits.

The time is not far away when we will fill stadiums once again to celebrate our freedom! So don’t give up on your principles in these uncertain times. Do what is right, even if it means facing the toughest situations.

8. Friendship

Remember, we are all in this together.

Although many of us are from different countries, have different cultures and come from different backgrounds, we are all facing the same threat.

In these times, we are all equal. We need to help each other as much as we can and treat everybody as we would a friend — and that’s one of the core values of judo.

Attend our next class to let judo inspire your kid to stay strong and positive!


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