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what is judo?

Judo is a Japanese martial art focused on leveraging the force of an opponent against them. The beauty of this art lies in its flexibility, as millions of people practice it for diverse reasons: from sports and fitness to a means of self-defense and a way of life.

Benefits of Judo for Your Child

Meaning “gentle way” in Japanese,  judo is a martial art that has struck the right balance in potential and protection. With a strong focus on safety, an effective judo program can help your child:

  • Boost focus and self-control

  • Manage short and long-term goals

  • Develop communication skills

  • Cultivate a strong sense of respect

  • Gain the confidence to live a fulfilling life

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Kids this age lack the coordination to follow complex drills. However, there is still a lot they can do athletically. 


From movement exercises to simple break fall techniques and more, our gamified lessons will help your child develop balance and coordination to take on more complex challenges. 


If your kid gets bored too fast to follow a traditional judo lesson, this is the class you’ve been looking for.


The #TheDojoTods is all about helping kids open up to judo while having loads and loads of fun. 

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Things get interesting at this stage as kids are introduced to a variety of engaging games aimed at boosting their confidence and gross-motor skills.


To ensure safety, we precede those games with some fun warm-up activities first, like tumbling, jumping and running. 


Week by week you’ll see a notable improvement in your child’s strength, reaction speed, and core motor skills. The slow but steady improvement allows kids to overcome challenges that seemed impossible just a few weeks ago. 


As your kids are introduced to the philosophy and mindset of judo, they feel more relaxed, open up and interact with other kids — thus developing lifelong social skills.

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Your kid has learned the basics. With a burning desire to step up, now they want to put those skills to practice.


That’s what the #TheDojoKids+ is all about. As your kid is already familiar with falling techniques, it’s time to mix things up with some throwing drills.

That combination of throwing and falling turns into an effective lesson on respect, compassion, and coordination. And your child will do all that under the careful watch of an experienced instructor.


We also introduce many advanced drills that are intense and physically demanding. Each advanced drill helps promote friendly competition among students, helping them push each other to new boundaries. And as they reach new milestones together, they bond and make friends for life.



(father of 2 kids)

I have two sons aged 4 and 7 learning the art of Judo at The Dojo in Katong. Both boys enjoy Judo tremendously and attend between 2-4 classes a week. They are also very active in other sports such as Rugby and Gymnastics. 

As a parent, I have found the discipline, respect, diligence, and perseverance involved in the teaching and learning of Judo to be excellent and transfers over to other aspects In life. My sons are learning to become strong in the mind and the body as they become more athletic, agile, flexible and confident through the physical aspects of Judo. 
As a rugby coach and rugby player myself I highly recommend the art of Judo to everyone! It will transform you.


(father of 3 kids)

I have three kids ages 10,9,7 and all of them had a great time over their weekends at The Dojo. Being a Judoka myself, it was nice to see that the class size was not too big (averaging 10 kids at the class we attended) allowing Tan Yi to spend 100% of the lesson time with my kids even as a more advanced class was in progress with other coaches. I think the kids could feel the attention and as a result, even my youngest son who tends to have difficulty concentrating could focus well. Hope you guys keep up the good work!


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Frequently asked questions

What do we need to bring for a trial class?

For your trial lesson, all you need is baggy/loose old clothing (something you don’t mind stretching) or a basic gym kit – consisting of a t-shirt and long pants.

Where are we located?

Location 1 Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-35/36/37 Singapore 437844 Locaton 2
9 Siang Kuang Ave
Singapore 347927
(3 mins walk away from Potong Pasir MRT stn)

Is this a parent accompanied class or drop off class?

Our classes are drop-off sessions. Parents are nevertheless welcomed to observe the sessions through the glass screens.