•  No time limit 

  •  Happens in case of equal scores and penalties

  • The first penalty that differentiate the tie or the the first technical score decides the match

  •  Match time is 4 minutes

  •  The first name called is dressed in White and second name in Blue

  •  Hajime is called to announce the start of the match

  •  Matte is called to pause during the match

  •  Sore-matte is called to end the match




        (Slight penalty) Shido

  •  Being inactive/passive/ defensive

  •  False attack

  •  Breaking of a grip with two hands at the same time.

  •  Refusing/avoiding gripping

  •  Using unconventional grip and displaying inactivity.

  •  Direct bear hug

  •  Stepping out of the contest area or pushing your opponent out of the contest area purposely.

  •  Grabbing the pants or any part of the Gi under the opponent’s belt

         (Knock-out) Ippon

  •   An Ippon ends the match when a throw lands the opponent fully on his back

  •   Or pinning the opponent down for 20 seconds

  •   Or submission technique (arm locks or strangulation) that cause your opponent to tap out


        (Grave penalty) Hansoku-make

  •  Avoiding to land on the full back by bridging

  •  Hyperextending one’s back during application of any techniques

  •  Any actions/verbal against the spirit of Judo (Vulgarities, Kicking, Punching and being disrespectful)


         (Accumulated points) Waza-ari

  •   Throws which are followed up by rolling or landing on the side of the opponent

  •   Pinning your opponent down for 10 seconds to 19 seconds

  •   One can receive multiple Waza-aris in the match, it does not add up to an Ippon

Judo Competition Rules 2017

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