Asst Prof Tan Chyn Hong




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Dr. Tan has a special interest in the treatment of Shoulder, Knee and Elbow problems. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1998 (MBBS) and obtained his postgraduate qualifications thereafter (MRCSEd 2004, MMed 2004, FRCSEd 2007).



He completed a fellowship in Australia where he received further sub-specialty training in the Shoulder, Knee, and Elbow. His work in Australia involved the treatment of professional athletes with sports injuries as well as patients with degenerative conditions like rotator cuff tears and arthritis of the shoulder and knee.


In 2007, he was part of the workgroup appointed by Ministry of Health to develop the national clinical practice guidelines in the treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee. In the same year, he was awarded the inaugural College of Surgeons Gold medal from the Academy of Medicine Singapore for being the most outstanding candidate in the fellowship examination of the Royal College of Surgeons (Orthopaedic Surgery) Edinburgh.

Dr. Tan Chyn Hong’s love for sports started when he joined the Raffles Institution Judo Club in 1987.

He was a 1991 SEA games national representative for Judo and he continues his involvement with sports by treating athletes with injuries and getting athletes back on their feet. He took on further to Australia where he underwent subspecialty training dealing with shoulder, knee and elbow injuries where he worked with professional athletes, as well as ordinary people with an extraordinary love for their sport.



Dr. Tan is also a visiting consultant in the Singapore Armed Forces Military Medical Institute, taking care of full-time national servicemen.



Dr. Tan’s research interest includes the use of stem cells in the treatment of cartilage damage and meniscal injuries.

Academic Qualifications:



  1. A Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 1998 (National University of Singapore)

  2. A Member of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 2004

  3. Master of Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery (Academy of Medicine Singapore) 2004

  4. Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (Orthopaedic Surgery) Edinburgh 2007








Professor Jeon Ki-Young

Technical Advisor

Mr Jeon is no stranger to the Judo world. Often regarded as the greatest Korean Judo Champion ever, Mr Jeon was unstoppable in his competitive years, having won three consecutive World Championships in '93, '95 and '97, in addition to six Judo World Cup titles. Mr Jeon also dominated the world's biggest stage, winning the -86kg category at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

In his professional capacity, Mr Jeon holds a doctorate in Physical Education and is a Professor of Judo at the famed Yong-In University in Korea. As a coach, he had worked with the Korean national team, with a number of his students going on to become world champions themselves. Between 2013 and 2014, he was also coach to Singapore's national team.

Mr Jeon was inducted into the International Judo Federation (IJF) hall of fame in 2015 together with other Judo greats. He currently also serves as Sport Commissioner in the IJF.


Master Yoon Ji-Seob

Training Advisor

A former member of the Korean National Judo team, Ji-Seob brings with him rich experience and numerous accolades in competitive Judo, including medalling at the prestigious International Judo Federation Qingdao Grand Prix.


Having worked with various teams at school, state and regional level across all age groups in China, Ji-Seob also has a wealth of experience in mentoring athletes and creating training programs.


As our Training Advisor, Master Yoon will work closely with our Principal Instructor Master Tan Yi to formulate training syllabi that are best suited for our athletes at various points in their development, including holding bilateral exchange programs with Korean Judoka.


With his knowledge of the latest training trends and pedagogy, our instructors in The Dojo will also benefit from this collaboration, and be better able to pass the knowledge to our students.