The Dojo Judo Programme provides you with two pathways:


For recreational judokas, we offer four classes: #TheDojoTods, #TheDojoKids, #TheDojoKids+, and #TheDojoAdults; all of which provide a structured, supportive, and fun environment!


For competitive judokas, we offer two classes: #HighPerformanceKids and #CompetitiveJudoforAdults; both of which provide a perfect mix of competition and support to prepare our budding judokas for competing at the highest level!

For our aspiring judokas that want to embrace the art of judo as a part of their life, there are many opportunities available on the national pathway outlined by the Singapore Judo Federation. As the two infographics will show you, the possibilities don’t just don’t stop at the combat either, as there are many other ways to take part in the life-changing world of judo.


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