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what is judo?

Judo is a Japanese martial art focused on leveraging the force of an opponent against them. The beauty of this art lies in its flexibility, as millions of people practice it for diverse reasons: from sports and fitness to a means of self-defense and a way of life.

Benefits of Judo

for Your Child

Meaning “gentle way” in Japanese,  judo is a martial art that has struck the right balance in potential and protection. With a strong focus on safety, an effective judo program can help your child:

  • Boost focus and self-control

  • Manage short and long-term goals

  • Develop communication skills

  • Cultivate a strong sense of respect

  • Gain the confidence to live a fulfilling life


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Junior Class

Year 3 to 6

Kids are introduced to a variety of engaging games aimed at boosting their confidence and gross-motor skills. To ensure safety, we precede these games with some fun warm-up activities first, like tumbling, jumping and running. You’ll see a notable improvement in their strength, reaction speed, and core motor skills.


The slow yet steady improvement allows children to overcome challenges that once seemed impossible. As the kids are introduced to the philosophy and teachings of Judo, they feel more relaxed, tend to open up, and interact better with their schoolmates thus developing lifelong social skills.


Additionally, students will undergo graded examinations to upgrade to the next level in Judo, where they will learn and develop more in the sport. This inculcates discipline in one to continuously practice and improve their skills set. 

senior class

Year 7 onwards

Children in this age group are more adventurous and willing to spar. The combination of throwing and falling during classes turn into a productive lesson on respect, compassion and coordination.


The students’ movements and activities will be under the close supervision of an experienced instructor who will be able to spot a mistake and provide corrective action. In this class, many advanced drills are introduced which are more intense and physically demanding. These will promote friendly competitions between students, while engaging them to push their boundaries.


Good sportsmanship practices will also be inculcated as they attain new milestones together. Aside to that, students can forge new friendships and  communicate better with one another. 

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WHAT parents are SAYing


(father of 2 kids)

I have two sons aged 4 and 7 learning the art of Judo at The Dojo in Katong. Both boys enjoy Judo tremendously and attend between 2-4 classes a week. They are also very active in other sports such as Rugby and Gymnastics. 

As a parent, I have found the discipline, respect, diligence, and perseverance involved in the teaching and learning of Judo to be excellent and transfers over to other aspects In life. My sons are learning to become strong in the mind and the body as they become more athletic, agile, flexible and confident through the physical aspects of Judo. 
As a rugby coach and rugby player myself I highly recommend the art of Judo to everyone! It will transform you.

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(father of Nimrod)

We moved to Singapore 2 years ago from Budapest, Hungary, where our son, Nimrod has been already practicing judo for 2 years in one of the biggest and most famous judo federations. It was important for us to continue developing his skills and to bring in some familiar weekly routine as well. We were lucky to found The Dojo just next door to our condo. Nimrod had started to attend Sensei Paula’s classes, and you could tell already that they get along very well. We see that his skills have improved nicely and he gained more confidence with his moves as well - he is able to execute more complex moves now.  The Dojo is a relatively small club, hence carries the benefit of focused attention on each kid, which we feel, contributes a lot to our son’s latest development. We are happy that we found The Dojo, a professional but also a very friendly place, where all kids count!