Character Building

  • Moulds character in a child

  • Respect and discipline

  • Strict code of conduct

  • Good sportsmanship

  • Intellect through friendly matches

Physical Development 

Emotional Intelligence


  • Strengthen their body muscles 

  • Build a healthy frame

  • Expend energy in a fruitful manner while learning the art.

  • Improves social skills such as teamwork and verbal communication 

  • Enhancing the child’s social cohesion 

  • Gain exposure to various types of challenges  

  • Explore various problem-solving techniques

  • Promotes resilience in the face of adversity

class program

Tods Class 

(for ages 4-5)

Our Tot’s program is designed to boost your child’s confidence and overall gross-motor skills! Our emphasis is on allowing the kids to be introduced to judo through a variety of engaging games. These games are targeted to improve general physical strength, reaction speed as well as hone motor skills. They will also learn to overcome challenges, interact with other children and make new friends in the process!

Duration - 45 mins 

Schedule for Tods' Class

  • Tue    4.30 pm 

  • Thur   4.30 pm 

  • Fri      6.30 pm

  • ​​​Sat     12.30 pm 

Kids Class 

(for ages 6-12)

Our kid’s beginner class program is catered to help your child develop technical rigour and subsequently achieve mastery required of this sport. These will effectively be taught via a structured theoretical and physical curriculum. Additionally, training sessions with a partner will help in acquiring co-operation and opposition skills. Discipline will also be emphasized in these sessions where the term “practice makes perfect” will be executed in an organized manner to perfect the art.

Duration - 60 mins 

Schedule for Kid's Beginner Class

  • Mon   3 pm / 5.45 pm

  • Tue    6 pm 

  • Wed   6.30 pm 

  • Thur   3 pm / 6 pm

  • Fri      3.30 pm / 7.30 pm 

  • Sat     11.15 am / 3.45 am / 5 pm

  • Sun    10 am

Complimentary Judo backpack and tee-shirt upon signing up!



(father of 2 kids)

I have two sons aged 4 and 7 learning the art of Judo at The Dojo in Katong. Both boys enjoy Judo tremendously and attend between 2-4 classes a week. They are also very active in other sports such as Rugby and Gymnastics. 

As a parent, I have found the discipline, respect, diligence, and perseverance involved in the teaching and learning of Judo to be excellent and transfers over to other aspects In life. My sons are learning to become strong in the mind and the body as they become more athletic, agile, flexible and confident through the physical aspects of Judo. 
As a rugby coach and rugby player myself I highly recommend the art of Judo to everyone! It will transform you.


(father of 3 kids)

I have three kids ages 10,9,7 and all of them had a great time over their weekends at The Dojo. Being a Judoka myself, it was nice to see that the class size was not too big (averaging 10 kids at the class we attended) allowing Tan Yi to spend 100% of the lesson time with my kids even as a more advanced class was in progress with other coaches. I think the kids could feel the attention and as a result, even my youngest son who tends to have difficulty concentrating could focus well. Hope you guys keep up the good work!

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a trial class cost?

A trial class is $25. Trial fees will be waived upon signing up within one week after the class.

What do we need to bring for a trial class?

For your trial lesson, all you need is baggy/loose old clothing (something you don’t mind stretching) or a basic gym kit – consisting of a t-shirt and long pants.

Where are we located?

The Dojo is located at : Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-35/36/37 Singapore 437844

Is this a parent accompanied class or drop off class?

Our classes are drop-off sessions. Parents are nevertheless welcomed to observe the sessions through the glass screens.